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The secret of wellbeing and happiness is hidden in our relationship to life. By paying attention to your thoughts, emotions and what is happening around us, we can beneficially influence how we feel. By caring preventatively for your health, a good emotional state and developing the talents and potential that we possess, we can have a happy and fulfilled life. MON SPA & BEAUTY supports a wellness lifestyle and has developed for you a series of short programs, workshops and consultations to helpyou achieve a more healthy and harmonious life.

Gided Meditation –
individual session


Learn to eliminate negative emotions and live in balance, peace and love.
Short meditations that focus on different topics that can help you be more resilient, strong and self-conscious.
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Ritual Aura Harmony
with Crystals


A holistic ritual for balancing the flow of energy throughout the body, and is inspired by the ancient eastern philosophies of harmony of mind, body and soul.

Achieve full balance and allow the universal life energy (called Prana or Chi) to flow freely through you. This unique, noninvasive ritual cleanses, strengthens, harmonises and restores interrupted energy flows. It helps to get rid of emotional blockages, trauma from the past, disturbing thoughts and stress. Feel completely calm, joyful and inspired.

The ritual includes a spray to cleanse the aura**, scanning the energy fields of the seven chakras*, special crystals***, that are placed on the body, as well as sound therapy with Tibetan singing bowls and mantras, sacred tree Palo Santo**** and fragrant sticks, essential oils for inhalation and short meditation.

Crystals, created by nature, possess special energy, whose vibrations unlock the natural self-healing abilities of the body and help achieve balance and stability in the body and its energetic field, which is called aura.

Our specially trained therapist will make a selection of crystals that will have the best effect on your body, mind and soul.

We recommend that this ritual be combined with Mon Wellbeing massage to achieve full harmony between the physical body and aura.

*Chakras are energy centers, transformers of energy that our body connects to with universal life energy.

**Aura is an invisible energy field around our body.

***Crystals are extremely powerful stones due to their crystal structure that has therapeutic and healing power. They carry a pure, natural energy within them. They allow positive energy to enter our body and in this way the balance of life energy is achieved.

****Fragrant Palo Santo sticks will bring to your home creativity, love and happiness. The scent of these wooden sticks reduces anxiety and stress and thus contributes to you feeling happy and optimistic.

Wellness Workshops
and Consultations

It’s time to reconnect with yourself! Follow our MON WELLNESS specials every month and join us on a journey that will bring your body and mind back into balance.

Our wellness advisor Tanja Stanisavljević, a pharmacist and specialist in the field of Life coaching (clearing method), will teach you and encourage you to feel better in every day life.

For more information, check out Tanja’s Facebook page