Mon Signature Treatments

Mon Spa and Beauty treatments created specially for you.
Awaken your senses and indulge yourself completely in the exceptional aromatic rituals
for the face and body.


Our experts for aromatherapy will create for you a unique massage oils combining the
therapeutic properties of essential oils to achieve absolute relaxation, deep
detoxification and overall revitalization.

Absolute Aromatherapy


Release physical and emotional tension held in every part of your body.

This holistic therapy based on the powerful properties of essential oils and medicinal plants, works deeply on the physical, emotional and energetic levels. It helps with overall regeneration of the body by releasing stress and tension, balancing emotions, relaxing and calming. It works effectively on the skin by nourishing it making it smoother and softer.

Select your aromatherapy blend of high-grade essential oils after individual consultation from our experts. They will find out what your emotional and physical needs are and will offer you the best solution.

All Mon Aroma Blends ingredients are prepared with high-quality, all-natural bases and essential oils, obtained from the finest plants, providing refreshing scents and benefits for the body and mind.

  • Mon Aroma Blend – aromatherapy massage oils
  • Mon Aroma Relax – Relaxes, eliminates tension in the body and mind, improves quality of sleep, nourishes the skin and makes it softer.
  • Mon Aroma Detox – Stimulates circulation and helps to clear body from toxins and fluid retention. It restores vitality, release pain and stiffness from muscles and joints. Support to reduce weight. Clarify and revitalize the skin.
  • Mon Aroma Vital – Eliminates fatigue, fills you with energy, uplifting the mood, works well on concentration. Tightens the skin and works regeneratively.

Aroma Crystal Facial Massage


This exclusive massage hydrates and renews the energy of the skin of your face.

Luxurious Mon Aroma Beauty massage serum and rose quartz crystals act in synergy so that your skin becomes soft, gentle and restored.

This unique massage technique focuses on accupressure points of the face. The massage uses a crystal dermaroller which in combination with lymphatic drainage relieves tension, reduces wrinkles and puffiness. Crystal rose quartz has soothing properties and renews the energy of the skin. Your skin will look hydrated, elastic and revitalized.

  • Mon Aroma Beauty face serum is composed of a 100% natural base and organic essential oils that rejuvenate, restore and hydrate your skin. The serum penetrates the deepest layers of the skin making the skin radiant, fresh and youthful.
  • Contains: rose hip seed oil, almond oil, apricot kernel oil, geranium, carrot seed and lavender essential oils.