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My Choice.

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In French, MON means MY, and MON SPA & BEAUTY is actually completely dedicated to you:
this is YOUR space, YOUR moment, in which we shall take care of your body and mind.
“Press the pause button” and leave behind the stress imposed by everyday life of the hectic city.
Serene and quiet, ethereal and different, Mon Spa & Beauty is a place like no other. It reflects
the awareness of the renewed relationship between human and nature, because you will find
here only natural and organic ingredients and products. Reach the perfect balance between your
body and spirit, open your mind and reconnect to yourself: feel nice at every moment.

Our Offer

Incorporating various ancient and modern massage techniques
Mon Spa and Beauty has prepared for you a large selection of
holistic and traditional massages, spa rituals and treatments for
face and body. That includes professional aromatherapy,
Ayurveda, reflexology , body scrub and wraps, organic facials,
and wellness program for energy balance.

Mon Space

Within our spa and beauty space, we created four rooms for treatments inspired by
different parts of the world, each of them being a universe for itself.

Our Values

Mon Spa & Beauty is always here for you, to encourage you to do something only for yourself and feel nice at every moment.
Our mission is to inspire your senses and bring freshness of nature to your urban life style, to relax,
renew and transform you. Everything we do, we do with passion and from the heart.
What we can promise to you is that we never use potentially toxic ingredients and harmful practices.

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